Project Documents on Cr(VI) MOA Research Study

The research studies are subject to extensive and multiple peer review processes.

Prior to the start of the research, the draft study protocol for the research studies was critically reviewed, and expanded upon, by an independent expert peer review group convened by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA).  This process helped to ensure the studies were of the highest quality and appropriate for providing the data needed for understanding the Cr(VI) Mode of Action (MOA). The selection of expert reviewers follows TERA’s published procedures for bias, conflict of interest, and expertise, which are publicly available on TERA’s website.

In addition to the peer consultation described above, the researchers subjected the key manuscripts to external peer review panels organized by TERA, who used different reviewers based upon the subject of each draft paper and scientific expertise. TERA subsequently published the comments from its peer review of the protocol and manuscripts which are available on its website ( Available reports of the manuscript reviews include the rat and mouse 90-day studies, rat and mouse genomics studies, physiologically based pharmacokinetic human model, mutation analysis, and Mode of Action analysis.

The research findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals; each of which has its own peer review process.  Therefore, the key papers received two peer reviews prior to publication, solidifying scientific validity.  To date, nineteen manuscripts have been published from the Cr(VI) MOA Research Studies.  In addition, the researchers are making the data from the studies publicly available on this website in order to promote transparency and clarity.