Download Cr(VI) MOA Study Data

Transparency and objectivity are critical aspects of scientific research. The Cr(VI) MOA Research Study team has facilitated transparency by making all of the peer-reviewed research articles from this study Open Access. In further support of transparency, the Cr(VI) MOA study team is also providing major study reports from our collaborator/subcontractors, as well as additional data files that scientists can download and analyze on their own. Major study reports include those from Southern Research Institutes (Birmingham, AL), who conducted the in-life portion of the toxicity studies, and Experimental Pathologies Laboratory (Reston, VA), who conducted additional histopathological analyses. Importantly, raw data files are being made available to scientists interested in conducting their own toxicogenomic analyses on the study data. Other important data sets related to chromium, such as tissue distribution data, glutathione content, as well as in vitro data, are available for download.

Where applicable, data underlying each table and figure from each publication related to the Cr(VI) MOA Research Study can be downloaded. Click the ‘Download Study Data’ link to access a list of the manuscripts, the associated figures and tables, and name of the dataset(s) underlying each figure. These data files are freely available for download to registered users upon logging in.

Download Study Data

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